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There is no planet B.
Save the planet with SNOWL!

Snowl is listed on the and exchange!


1-) 10 million Snowy Owl Coin (SNOWL) tokens will be issued over the Tron network.

2-) 50% of the token will be offered to the public on the Justswap exchange.

3-) 10% of the token will be allocated to combat global warming.

4-) 20% of the token will be reserved for the crypto exchange to be established.

5-) 10% of the token will be reserved for the airdrop.

6-) 10% of the token will be allocated to advertising and administrative expenses.

7-) Telegram group will be established.

8-) An official twitter account will be established.

9-) The official website ( will be established.

10-) Roadmap will be prepared.

11-) Whitepaper will be prepared.

12-) Advertising and sponsorship agreements will be made after the number of wallets exceeds 100.

13-) It will be listed on Coingecko.

14-) It will be listed on Coinmarketcap.

15-) It will be listed on various centralized exchanges. Airdrop events will be held after listing.

16-) When the total market size of SNOWL reaches 100,000,000 US dollars after being listed on the centralized exchanges, the persons who have more than one thousandth of the total supply in their wallets will be called upon to prove the balance amounts in the presence of a notary public (the place, date and time will be determined by the announcement), in order to determine the shareholders who will be entitled to the joint stock company of the crypto currency exchange to be established. After counting in the presence of a notary public, the SNOWL tokens of the token holders will be collected in a common pool wallet to be returned, and will be returned to them when the count is finished. These investors will own the shares of the joint stock company to which the stock market will be affiliated, according to the ratio of the amount of tokens in their wallets. In other words, token holders will become shareholders in the crypto exchange to be established, whose main capital is 20% of the total SNOWL supply. The exchange to be established will accept SNOWL as a stock exchange coin and will allow exchange customers with SNOWL balance to pay less commission if they accept a transaction fee payment on the SNOWL balance. In addition, according to the company's articles of association, the stock market will buy Snowy Owl Coin (SNOWL) from the board with a third of its net income every quarter of the year, and send the tokens burning. Thus, the reverse inflation system will operate in our token, and the tokens of those who hold will become even more valuable.

17-) When the total value of the project reaches 200,000,000 US dollars, the 10% of that amount will be donated to an association established by a team from our community to combat global warming. In the founding charter of the association, it will be stated that a maximum of 2% of the total SNOWL supply can be sold by the management of the association within a year, and a maximum of 0.2% within a month. Thus, it will be ensured that the activities of the association are continuous and that SNOWL investors are not adversely affected.

18-) When all these are completed, the project will be successful.

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