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Our Mission and Vision

Snowy Owl Coin is a TRC-20 token built on the Tron network. The main idea behind the creation of this token is to combat global warming, and to raise awareness about this issue. While doing this, it is to be a visionary by using the blockchain infrastructure, which is one of the most important technological trends of today. When the market cap value of this project is $200 million, an association will be established and this association will work to combat global warming and raise awareness.

On the other hand, when the market cap value of the project is $ 100 million, a technology company will be established and a crypto money exchange will be established under this company. Company shares will be given to people who have Snowl in their account free of charge in proportion to the number of tokens in their account. In other words, this token has a structure that gives partnership rights. In this way, investors will be able to gain the right to share in a stock exchange company while supporting the sustainability project that aims to combat global warming.



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